Interview with Boosteroid CBDO

We keep on talking to Boosteroid key team members and today we are glad to welcome CBDO (Chief Business Development Officer) of the project – Murat Aydemir.


Murat Aydemir worked as a CEO for an UAE based family conglomerate in energy, defense, construction and F&B. He is a recruitment, team building and economic management expert. He graduated from  Istanbul Technical University and London Business School. Murat worked for a German energy behemoth E.ON, one of the world’s largest electric utility service providers. He has a long term management experience in energy efficiency and decentralized power generation solutions and renewable energy.

Good morning, Murat! Boosteroid team has changed significantly since the project was launched. You also decided to join the development of this promising cloud platform. Could you please tell us what were you engaged in before you became Boosteroid CBDO?

Murat: Good morning! Before the team offered me to become Boosteroid Chief business development officer, I worked as Group CEO for BJ Group one of the big family conglomerates of UAE in energy, defense, construction and F&B. The group has diverse investments and developed the NIMR vehicle and brought Cipriani to Abu Dhabi.  I was part of several startups as part of multinational companies, in Turkey and Middle East for renewable and decentralised energy. I have a long term experience in international business development in construction and renewable energy projects.

Your focus is about Energy, am I right?

Murat: Yes, that’s right! In a nutshell, the energy sector is changing:  From large power plants to decentralised energy solutions which provide heating, cooling and power at the location needed. This is disrupting the old world and is also a great opportunity for developing markets. It is an important part of our lives. And guess what the cloud market has the highest increase for power and cooling. That made me very curious!

How is your professional background useful for Boosteroid?

Murat:  Well, I am an energy efficiency expert. Servers and data centers do require a lot of power. For instance, all data centers located in the U.S. consume more than 90 billion kilowatt-hour per year. This is 40% more than is necessary for an entire country – the UK. There’s a clearly observable tendency for data center infrastructure to expand. New data centers are being built to meet the market needs. Power consumption is already an issue not only for data center owners but also for the energy industry itself. Boosteroid has to expand the geography of its servers, build data centers and use third party ones all over the world. So, energy efficiency solutions are extremely relevant.

What was so interesting for you about Boosteroid and how can you help the development of the project?

Murat: Today billions of devices experience lack of performance. PCs, tablets, laptops or mobile gadgets cannot solve resource-hungry tasks that we all have to deal with nearly every day, as software and hardware technologies advance. Boosteroid will provide needed computing power to low performance devices. Users will be able to connect their PCs to the cloud and get as much computing power as they want. Everyone has their own story – some play modern high-performance computer games or work with design and planning, while others develop AI, machine learning and Big Data. Boosteroid offers a holistic solution that will help millions of users all around the world join the ongoing digitalization easier and more efficient.

When I heard about Boosteroid concept for the first time, I thought: “Nobody will depend on expensive hardware! Users will have an opportunity to enjoy all those resource-hungry software products and will not be forced to purchase modern devices. Old or low-performance PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones will still have their right to exist”. I realized, I could help the team advance their energy consuming models and implement innovative solutions in the operation of Boosteroid and partner data centers. Also there are many parallels between Boosteroid to the energy business: How do you utilise your expensive assets at the best ? I believe I can connect both worlds and support our team to be the greenest project in the IT industry.

What innovative solutions are you going to implement to help advance operation of data centers?

Murat: I will use my professional experience to develop energy efficiency solutions. We can use natural gas and renewable energy to provide data centers with needed power and produce the cooling on site as a hybrid solution. This will reduce the power needed for cooling by 70 % !  It will be a revolutionary advantage of Boosteroid, will definitely enhance project`s business model and what is also important, will have a positive ecological and economical effect.

How do you see the future of the Boosteroid project?

Murat: Well, I have no doubts that Boosteroid has even more than just great prospects. It is the next thing which will disrupt the way we use digital devices.  I’m sure, Boosteroid will have an enormous influence on the cloud computing market already by 2020.

It was a pleasure to meet you, Murat, good luck to you and your project!

Murat: Thank you for your kind words! I’m sure we will soon meet again to discuss new  intermediate result in the Boosteroid project implementation.

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