Intel Will Create a Copyright Protection System Based on Blockchain

A major manufacturer of electronic devices and computer components Intel will consider blockchain as a way to manage digital rights, CoinDesk reports.

The IT corporation described the method of using blockchain to download rights to digital images in a patent application published by the US Patent and Trademark Office on the 8th of March.

“Blockchain technology is used to document and verify attributes of digital content that are relevant to copyright protection. Such attributes may include, for instance, an identifier for the author of the content, a timestamp to indicate when the content was created, and a measurement that can subsequently be used to detect copying or modification of the content” — the document says.

The platform will use several types of software to automatically evaluate copyright policy settings for each image, even if the snapshot was taken from external sources. Then it creates a unique identifier for both the original content and all its versions, which the patent calls “shadow images.”

In addition, the Intel patent mentions video and other types of content, and offers a more complete system of rights with additional features.

For example, the Intel system will allow users to support unfinished work, including “unstructured” parts, such as literary works with several editors. Thus, the content can only be changed in accordance with the parameters of the copyright policy.

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