Intel Announced a Prototype of a Dual-Screen Laptop Honeycomb Glacier

Dual-screen laptops seem to be a hit at this year’s Computex exhibition. After ASUS introduced the ZenBook Duo series with a large additional screen above the keyboard, Intel demonstrated its own concept codenamed “Honeycomb Glacier” with the same additional display.

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According to the company, the laptop is designed specifically for gamers and developers and is able to solve the most complex tasks. In particular, thanks to the additional display, several programs can be simultaneously used. According to representatives of Intel, the model processes applications at the same speed, without switching or blocking them.

This is not at all surprising since the prototype is equipped with the 9th generation of innovative Intel Core mobile processors. It has a double hinge and a built-in stand that supports two displays at eye level.

The prototype is equipped with a 15.6-inch Full HD-display and a 12.3-inch additional screen with a resolution of 1920×720.

It is important to note that the design of the ZenBook Duo is in fact similar to Honeycomb Glacier. According to Intel, the company is working with a large number of PC component manufacturers to integrate the new design into more devices.

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