Instagram Users Can Now Recover Posts Blocked by the Service

Instagram is working hard to eradicate inappropriate content from the platform. But unscrupulous users of the service use it to their advantage, often lodging complaints about content that is not actually subject to the concept of unacceptable. And this is a problem since such publications cannot be restored. But as TechCrunch reports, since now Instagram will allow account holders to appeal against such actions.

The Facebook company, which manages Instagram, has added this feature long ago, due to which many users of the social networking platform have been able to appeal and restore previously deleted content.

In the case of Facebook, inappropriate content is reported both by users and by a specially designed bot, as regards Instagram, as a rule, messages are from users.

Karina Newton, the head of Instagram policy department, says that users can now “re-evaluate a blocked post” and restore its visibility if it was deleted by mistake. The new appeal function came into effect since yesterday, May 10, and will be available to all users over the next few months.

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