In The End of 2019, Tesla Will Start Installing New FSD Chips in Its Old Cars

At the fourth quarter of 2019, Tesla will begin upgrading old cars with the new FSD (Full Self-Driving) chip. Musk reported about this in his micro-blog on Twitter on July 7, he said that the modernization of the model S/X/3 will most likely begin at the end of the Q4 of this year.

As always, Elon was not very talkative and did not provide us with other details. Earlier, he stated that those people who bought a full autopilot for $6,000 when buying a car, would receive a new chip absolutely free. How much it will cost the rest – is still unknown.

Tesla offers its customers two different driver assistance functions:

  • Autopilot. This feature is a more advanced version of adaptive cruise control. Since recently, it is standard for all new cars from the company.
  • Full independent driving (FSD). From the name, it is already clear what this function is. Here, the driver should not do absolutely anything, and it is not even necessarily follow the road. But it is not available yet, as Tesla specialists are still working on improving it.

Earlier, Tesla rejected Nvidia’s graphics chip, as they developed their own more efficient solution – FSD.

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