If You Want to be a Part of NASA’s 2020 Mars Mission, It’s Time to Sign Up

As a part of its Mars exploration, National Aeronautics and Space Administration is actively developing its Mars 2020 Rover mission. The mission is scheduled for the July of 2020, it was announced on the official site of the Administration.

The main focus of the initiative is sending a rover to the surface of Mars, equipped with a special drill to obtain samples of rocks and soil. This 3-meter-long and 1-kilo rover is also going to have a couple of powerful cameras to take snapshots of Martian landscape.

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Surprisingly, there is a way to participate in the mission. Of course, you can’t go to Mars with the rover, we’re not at the necessary level of space exploration for that so far. However, there is still a possibility to make one’s mark on the Red Planet.

If you sign up your name until the deadline, it will be transferred onto a microchip which is going to be installed inside the rover. The chip can “carry” around 1 million signatures. Besides that, the lucky winners will receive a souvenir “boarding pass” to Mars.

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