ICO with Steven Seagal Was Closed on Suspicion of Fraud

The initial coin offering of Bitcoiin, known for the fact that the only public figure that supported it was the American actor Steven Seagal, was closed by the authorities of New Jersey.

As it was stated, Bitcoiin was carrying out the sale of unregistered securities, but did not provide any clear information about who exactly was behind the creation of this ICO. The directors, managers and other employees remain behind the screen of anonymity.

The Securities Office was interested in another oddity. It is not clear what role in the project was played by Steven Seagal. A disclaimer showing the distribution of the share of investments indicates that the actor does not receive anything at all, and there is also no information about the possible rewards that the actor could receive for the promotion of the ICO.

Among other things, the Bitcoiin project is suspicious because of the fact that its structure is built around a referral system where an impressive reward is given for each invited new user. Also, there is no credibility with the fact that users can receive significant income only for storing project coins in their wallets.

Just the day before the ICO was stopped, Seagal wrote on his page in Twitter that in the nearest future the coins of the Bitcoiin project would be added to one of the largest cryptocurrency banks.

According to the authorities, the initial raising was stopped because of suspicion of fraud on the part of Bitcoiin, since the participation of celebrities is not yet a decent reason to believe in the honesty of the ICO.

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