IBM Received a Patent for Blockchain Data Sharing System

On April 23, IBM received a patent for a method of sharing files using the blockchain technology called “Information sharing among mobile apparatus”. Employees of the company have developed a method of verification of information that is sent from one device to another.

In November 2017, IBM filed a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Specialists of the state organization reviewed the document and decided to grant the corporation a patent for innovative development, including a data verification method and a special platform for collecting information.

The system for exchanging files from IBM sends data to the nearest computer node and stores information about the received file in a distributed database. The collected data is used to update the entries in the blockchain. Devices connected to a distributed network can exchange information with other mobile devices without control from the central authority. The patent states:

“Connected objects can be sensed and/or controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure, integrating connected physical objects into computer-based systems. Connected physical objects are uniquely identifiable through their embedded computing system, allowing the connected physical objects to interoperate within the existing Internet infrastructure.”

IBM has filed several applications for blockchain-related patents. In March, the company developed technology to enhance the security of decentralized networks. In early April, the corporation received a patent for data management method for self-driving vehicles. The new development is a system for predicting the behavior of drivers on the road and will be used to improve the process of driving unmanned vehicles.

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