Hyundai Electric Vehicles will Work Via Smartphones Now

South Korean auto giant Hyundai introduced an innovative solution that will allow users to customize the basic functions of electric vehicles using a smartphone application.

Performance control technology will allow drivers to personally control seven performance characteristics:

  1. maximum torque output of the motor;
  2. ignition;
  3. acceleration and deceleration abilities;
  4. regenerative braking capacity;
  5. maximum speed limit;
  6. responsiveness;
  7. energy use on climate control.

All that is needed for this is just to launch a special application on your smartphone.

“The application provides optimized settings for a designated destination by analyzing the remaining distance and electric energy requirement“, it is stated in the press release.

In addition to the fact that users can apply the recommended Hyundai settings, they can also share their data on the Internet or try others.

The system will use blockchain technology to ensure the security of the data transfer process between users on the server. In the process of loading and sharing settings, the system encrypts the basic performance parameters in the network, creating new data blocks and storing them in a decentralized data storage system, blocking unauthorized manipulations in this way.

“By developing paradigm-shifting mobility technology like this one, we will continue to strive to improve user experience for electric vehicles customized to individual preferences”, said researcher JeongSoo Eo of the Hyundai Motor Group.

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