Hyundai and WayRay Released A Holographic Augmented-reality Navigation System

At CES 2019 Hyundai and WayRay presented the result of their collaboration, which is the world’s first holographic augmented-reality (AR) navigation system.

According to Hyundai News, the latest generation navigation system will project real-time navigation prompts and supporting information onto the windshield via bright and accurate holographic images. For example, while the vehicle is moving, the system may warn of a potential hazard.

Both sides will continue to cooperate for further development of the holographic technology, which will allow using it not only during normal drives, but also when walking and cycling for pedestrians and cyclists accordingly. It is also planned to implement such advanced features as ADAS and Highway Driving Assistant (HDA).

“This demo car is the first step of the proof of concent (PoC), but is an important step towards technology driven innovation. Future mobility windshields will be more than just a piece of glass. AR holographic powered glass will serve as a platform to provide new services and open up new in-vehicle experiences”,  – shared the CEO of WayRay.

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