Huobi Is Allocating 30 Million Tokens for Its Own Blockchain

huobi blockchain

A leading digital asset exchange Huobi, which is the 3rd in terms of popularity, is launching a promising project for implementing the blockchain technology into their structure. It will be called the Huobi Chain Project.

We remind you that earlier the company announced their plans for building blocks using the EOS blockchain, and apparently those plans have changed and the representatives of Huobi preferred using their own technology.

HCP is a system which will enable self-governing decentralized trading in digital assets.The users will be able to store these assets on Huobi’s blockchain, transfer them, advance them or claim as tokens. The company is going to use an impressive sum of $165 million of collected funds, which is 30 million HT tokens, for their development.

The main advantages of the project will be:

  • safety and transparency of assets
  • advancing of trading processes
  • eliminating risks and vulnerablities

Huobi Chain Project will also help people to participate in certain ICO or vote for specific tokens for listing. It is assumed that the project will eventually turn Huobi into a decentralized exchange.

The project will be developing in the next 1.5 years during 4 main stages. A special committee will be monitoring all the processes. Project financing will be allocated according to its progress.

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