HTC will Launch a New Generation Blockchain Smartphone This Year

The leading electronics manufacturer HTC announced its plans to launch its new generation blockchain smartphone by year-end 2019.

According to Digitimes news agency, Phil Chen, the company’s chief decentralized officer, stated that this innovation is not only an attempt to increase its smartphones sales but also to ensure continuous development of its blockchain ecosystem.

A new generation model is expected to have a wider range of supported blockchain applications including social networks and messengers.

According to Chen, the majority of communication applications in the smartphone will be completed through peer to peer connections and it differs the smartphone from the first generation smartphones – Exodus 1.

The device will also be equipped with the features of the previous version, among which are support for cryptocurrencies and carrying out transactions. The new smartphone will retain the possibility of placing virtual personal electronic wallets.

The first-generation Exodus phone showed good sales results not only among users of cryptocurrencies but also of technologically advanced society as a whole.

The company hopes to achieve even greater success, through the growth of sales figures of the new model. In addition, the new HTC phone will become an ideal way to continue the interaction between cryptocurrencies and smartphones.

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