How to Judge for Crimes Committed in Outer Space?

How to Judge for Crimes Committed in Outer Space?

NASA is currently investigating what could be considered the first crime committed in space. The fact is that former U.S. Air Force intelligence officer Summer Worden accused her ex-wife and NASA astronaut Anne McClain of illegally monitoring her bank account.

Warden asked the bank for information about which computers had access to her accounts, and one of the computers belonged to the NASA network. After that, Summer complained to the Federal Trade Commission and the Office of the NASA office Inspector General, accusing McClain of identity theft and unlawful access to personal financial information.

The astronaut admitted that she really followed the financial operations of her ex-wife, but emphasized that she did this with the username and password, which she used while she was living together. All the data was studied only to make sure that the accounts had enough funds, which Anne considered common, to support their child. At the same time, the former spouses are still arguing about who their child should stay with.

Over the past 50 years, most of the people who flew into space were representatives of the governments of their countries, such as NASA astronauts, Russian cosmonauts, etc. As a rule, these crew members in space demonstrate model behavior in space without any serious conflicts in orbit. Their destinations were also government-controlled facilities, some of which have fairly clear rules on how to deal with any type of criminal behavior if it occurs.

But governments no longer have sole sovereignty over space. Some private companies are actively working to send paid tourists into space, either for a few minutes to experience weightlessness or for a long stay in a hotel environment. There is currently no detailed framework for dealing with criminal disputes arising in space on commercial vehicles, especially if problems arise between individuals from different countries.

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