How An Ideal Trading Platform Should Look Like, or A Review of P2PB2B Cryptocurrency Exchange

The market of digital coins is already quite a long period of time in a drawdown, but despite this, the cryptocurrency infrastructure continues to actively develop. Over the past few years, a huge number of platforms for trading cryptocurrencies have appeared on the market (over 200). Because of this, it is very difficult for novice traders to choose the right exchange.

The choice of a suitable site is a very responsible decision, especially considering the fact that over the past year more than $1 billion was stolen from cryptocurrency exchanges. Accordingly, in order to safe assets, it is very important to be careful when choosing a trading platform. In this article, we will take a closer look at the P2PB2B cryptocurrency exchange, talk about its features and see if it is worth trading or not.

What is the P2PB2B cryptocurrency exchange?

This site was created back in 2014 in Estonia. In the entire history of this exchange, it was never noticed in any scandal concerning the loss or theft of funds. Last year, the P2PB2B developers completely redesigned its interface, making it more attractive and adding many new useful features.

Now the exchange takes 23rd place in the global CoinMarketCap ranking with trading volume of $381,807,144 USD.

Features of the Exchange P2PB2B

  • Low commissions

In order to attract new users, many exchanges remove the commission at all for some period, and then establish increased numbers. Before to start an account on the exchange, it is needed to check this figure. On the P2PB2B exchange, there is no commission for the account replenishment, and 0.2% is charged for trading. Recall that the average for the market is 0.2% – 0.5%.

  • Intuitive clear interface

P2PB2B has a very user-friendly interface that any average user who has at least minimal experience in trading on exchanges can understand without any problems. This site possesses quite impressive computing power. Because of this, the interface does not slow down, according to the developers, the exchange can simultaneously process more than 10 thousand orders per second.

  • High security

As it was mentioned above, security for cryptocurrency exchanges is one of the most important indicators. A quality platform that can be trusted own funds should comply with the OWSAP Top 10 standard (the list of the 10 most critical security risks) and also use the KYC user verification procedure. It should be noted that during the almost 5-year history of its existence, not a single token was stolen from the site, although during all this time, the P2PB2B exchange has gone through more than 10 thousand hacker attacks.

  • Legality of business

Far from all countries of the world, there is a legal regulation of trading in digital assets. If you want to be sure of the integrity of the cryptocurrency platform owners, then you should pay attention, in which country in the world it is registered. If the exchange is registered, for example, in the United States, the EU or East Asian countries, then in the case of an account being hacked or funds are lost from the account, you can rely on assistance from the courts. The site P2PB2B is officially registered in Estonia.

  • Quick technical support

Since traders from different countries of the world trade at the P2PB2B site, it was very important to organize high-quality technical support, experts who can consult their users in different languages. The support of the P2PB2B exchange is multilingual, you can get help in 8 different languages. At the moment, the developers of the site are working on launching a premium support service in which a personal manager will be available.

  • Safety of funds

As it is known, the safest way to store cryptocurrency assets is cold wallets. Therefore, the owners of large and reputable exchanges store most of their reserves on cold wallets. In the P2PB2B exchange, more than 96% of all assets are “offline”.

  • Mobile app

We live at a time when almost all services are located inside a smartphone or tablet. Therefore, the presence of its own mobile application for a cryptocurrency exchange in 2019 is an indicator of success. Specialists of the P2PB2B site are now at the stage of developing their own secure and convenient mobile application for iOS and Android.

  • The presence of the referral program

The owners of the P2PB2B exchange decided to differ from their competitors and created their own referral program format. They launched the so-called “referral games”, based on the “Game of Thrones”. The games are divided into seasons, the rules of the first season were the following: the user who leads the largest number of new traders receives 250 thousand ETC. Everyone who brought more than 10 people to the stock exchange receives a 50% commission on trade (0.1%).
The new 3rd season of referral games of the token XNB will begin on March 12th, there will be played $16,000/16,000 XNB. Very soon, the creators of the exchange will announce airdrop 6,000 tokens to be held on March 7 at 12.00!

  • IEO (Initial Exchange Offerings) support

The ICO (Initial Coin Offering) market is currently experiencing not the best of times. The fact is that among startups that attracted investment through ICO there was a very large percentage of scammers. Therefore, potential investors have lost confidence in this kind of crowdfunding.

In the near future, IEO should replace ICO, in which the exchange is the main organizer of the sale of tokens. Sites themselves select high-quality start-ups, so fraudulent projects simply can not pass this selection. After the coin receives a listing on a certain stock exchange, it begins distributing its own security tokens. It is very important to understand that each token is linked to the securities of a startup, so this model excludes the distribution of “empty coins”.

It is worth noting that the P2PB2B platform follows the latest trends in the cryptocurrency world, so it already supports IEO.


Cryptocurrency exchange P2PB2B has been successfully operating for almost 5 years. It has a high level of security, for all the time not a single hacker attack was successful. The interface of the site is intuitive and simple, which simplifies working with this service. The exchange charges minimal commissions, which is a very important indicator, especially if you trade within one day and make a large number of transactions. The owners of P2PB2B follow the latest trends and are now actively developing their own mobile application and already launched IEO (Initial Exchange Offerings).

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