Headphones Made out of Microbes: A Joke or the Key to Green Living?

When we write about headphones, we usually mention something more or less conventional, for example, Apple’s AirPods or its competitor developed by Amazon.

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However, this time we will speak about very unusual concept of headphones that aimed at reducing the usage of plastic all over the world and save our environment from its harmful effects.

The Finnish company Aivan has presented its headphones that are made of natural, microbially grown materials only, using synthetic biology.

A headset was originally chosen as the first physical implementation to showcase these microbially grown materials in a three-dimensional form, because of the variety of materials in the product itself. From a design viewpoint, a headset combines various material properties in compact size and form; hard, foam-like, pliable, rigid and solid materials, as well as mesh fabric materials,” is mentioned in the press release.

Source: https://www.aivan.fi

The name of the headset Korvaa translates from Finnish as “to substitute”, meaning that if these experimental headphones have the same functions as the traditional ones, they will be able to replace them as a “green” alternative.

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