Hackers Stole Over $12 Million Worth of Ethereum from Bancor Exchange

bancor hacked

According to the representatives of a cryptocurrency exchange Bancor, its application was shut down for some technical reasons. No clear explanations were provided at that time.

In a couple of hours it became known that a hacker attack took place. Bancor employees assured the anxious customers that their wallets were out of danger. However, the app was still down, awaiting for the developers to counteract the attack.

Later on, the exchange released a report which included details of the hacking. The post said that the criminals managed to get hold of around 25k ETH. They took NPXS and BNT tokens as well. Unfortunately, the stolen funds cannot be frozen or transferred to cold wallets. Thus, the only thing Bancor could do is to cooperate with other exchanges and try to track the coins down.

Right now, the experts are still trying to fix the problem. Being a completely decentralized exchange, Bancor is still prone to hacker attacks and other vulnerabilities, however, not to such extent as the regular, centralized ones, which should “burn in hell”, according to Vitalik Buterin.

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