Guarium: A Revolution in the Field of E-Commerce

guarium project

What is Guarium?

Online trading is a relatively new sphere, and there are still a lot improvements to be done. Altthough, the big enterprises have already got used to the industry, there are quite a lot of obstacles on the way of small and medium-scale businesses and enterpreneurs. Here steps out the Guarium project to eliminate all those difficulties. Guarium is a progressive project which make e-commerce accessible to everyone. Any person, regradless of his/her age, education, experience, background can start a business online using Guarium. It will take only a few simple steps to launch an online shop, and all its processes will be managed by the platform. The logistics is set up in such a way that all the goods are shipped directly from the supplier to the customer, thus, you do not need to worry about anything! You do not even have to register you store as a company. Guarium is changing the perception of online trading and turning the whole industry upside down.

The unique advantages of Guarium

  • Accessibility. Anyone could start out with Guarium.
  • Simplicity. No long registration process or hard maintainance.
  • Customer-friendly interface. The platform will create the most pleasant conditions for online shoppers.
  • A large database. Guarium can boast of a database with thousands of products as well as their descriptions.
  • Automation and decentralization. The blockchain technology will provide for transparency and security of all transactions.
  • Evaluation system. The users can leave comments about each others’ products and recommend a certain store totheir peers.
  • Dropshipping logistic system. A direct supplier/buyer relationship.
  • Income efficiency. A simple way to earn profit without the need to spend money on setting up your store.
  • Instant payments. The project implemets Paypal for quick and secure payments.


ICO details

The intra-platform currency is called the GuarCoin. The price of the token is going to change according to the phases of the ICO. For example, the price during the pre-sale is only $0.01. The earlier you buy tokens, the more bonuses you can get. The pre-sale hard cap makes up $35 million. The main ICO stage start in July, and 30% of the token supply will go for sale. The main goal of the project is to raise money for developing the platform further.

If you want to follow the development of this wonderful projects or take part in any phase of its token sale, please, visit

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