Google vs. Apple: The Company Made Fun of the iPhone in a New Advertisement

Google has released a line of new budget smartphones Pixel 3a and 3a XL, taking an unprecedented step forward in the smartphone industry. Of course, the company did not miss the chance to outshine its competitors by launching a line of advertising campaigns in which the gadget was compared with the flagships of other brands. The last advertisement contains a comparison of AR navigation in Google Maps and Apple Maps for $399 and $999, respectively.

While Apple Maps displays only the blue dot that identifies the location of a gadget user, the AR option on Google Maps points the way with large floating arrows in the real world. When camera moves away from the arrow, a dot is displayed on the Pixel screen, indicating which direction to move further.

Obviously, the technology giant continues to play against the manufacturer of smartphones Apple. In a previous ad, Google compared the quality of photos in low light, positioning itself as a winner.

The only difference is that last time the company refrained from specifics, having compared the unknown phone brand “Phone X”, now it has openly declared its superiority over Apple.

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