Google is Preparing an Open Crypto-SoC OpenTitan

The organization lowRISC in Cambridge with Google and ETH Zurich University, Western Digital, Nuvoton Technology, and others plan to develop a project to create a hardware Root of Trust (RoT) chip. 50% of the project is funded by Google.

The chip will be created to enable users to check various firmware and other system software for damage. That is, it will be possible to avoid fakes from the black market.

The OpenTitan chip will be developed based on the Google Titan chip, which is used in mobile phones. It is important to note that the new product will be available to absolutely everyone and will provide checking and tracking so-called “weak spots” in the software.

The SoC will be licensed by Apache 2.0 and will include lowRISC Ibex cores, cryptographic coprocessors, a hardware random number generator, volatile and non-volatile storage, peripheral Input/Output and additional security mechanisms.

It will be possible to use the chip in a wide range of devices, from smartphones to the “Internet of things”.

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