Google Created The Most Powerful And Fastest Computer In The World

The world-famous corporation Google is ahead of other companies involved in the development of supercomputers. A feature of the most powerful device in the Universe is that it performs the most complex calculations in just 200 seconds, while other computers took a whole millennium to solve such problems.

As it turned out, ordinary classic computers are not able to perform such complex tasks, against their background, a computer from Google has a “quantum advantage”. The fact is that this computer has a super-powerful Sycamore processor, providing such complex calculations in seconds.

After creating a quantum computer, scientists are faced with the task of finding the application of this future technology. As you know, a quantum computer can solve the most complex problems of society. For example, a device will be able to develop the best batteries for electric vehicles, or it can reveal what combination of molecules will help cure cancer or how to minimize carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

Besides, Google’s quantum system can find an easy way to improve existing technologies related to artificial intelligence.

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