Fujitsu Is Developing a Vulnerability Search System in Smart Contracts

The new technology developed by the Japanese IT giant Fujitsu will help the developers of Ethereum’s “smart contracts” in minimizing the risks and security threats during the development. The company issued a detailed statement on this on Wednesday, the 7th of March.

In general, smart contracts are the unique feature that distinguishes Ethereum from Bitcoin. They allow you to program the automatic execution of something based on the user’s actions, whether it’s exchanging cryptocurrency, or for example acquiring rights to real estate.

As Fujitsu claims, there are 6 major and most common risks for smart contracts. Although nowadays there exist many technologies that help to get rid of them, not all the problems can be solved. For example, authenticating the integrity of the source code, when it is split into several smart contracts, still causes great difficulties for developers.

It was the development of the system to get rid of this kind of problems that was the main focus of the specialists from the laboratory and the research center of Fujitsu. The system will allow to warn programmers about vulnerabilities in the code developed by them in advance even at the development stage, and as a result it will protect the software product from falsification of transactions.

According to the company, their technology will accurately determine the place where such a vulnerability arose, which will make it easier to find bugs in the program code.

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