France Wants to Arm Satellites with Weapons and Lasers by 2030

France Wants to Arm Satellites with Weapons and Lasers by 2030

French President Emmanuel Macron announced his intention to create French space forces. The French Ministry of Defense said that they intend to develop nanosatellites that will be equipped with weapons and lasers.

According to the plan declared by the Minister of Defense Florence Parley, about 4.3 billion euros will be given to the new industry until 2025. This money will be spent on upgrading the French network of military communications satellites in Syracuse and other places. The military wants the satellites of the new generation to be supplied with cameras to identify opponents, and after a while to equip them with lasers and weapons that can disable the satellites of the opponents. According to the plan, they want to launch a fully functioning network of military satellites in France until 2030.

According to Parley, they do not want to attack anyone:

“Active defense is not an offensive strategy; it’s self-defense” – the Minister of Defense said. Also, this plan will not contradict the Outer Space Treaty, which prohibits the deployment of nuclear or any other weapons of mass destruction in Earth orbit.

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