France Launches Blockchain Accelerator

blockchain accelerator

Although the French government remains quite strict towards the cryptocurrency sector, namely: exchanges, startups, token sales, it is still tolerant towards the ideas which comply with its regulations. That is why the world’s first unique blockchain accelerator received permission and full support.

Chain Accelerator is a project founded in the capital of France which combined the creative forces of experts in the field of fintech in order to promote and advance startups powered by blockchain and this innovative technology in general.

According to one of the creators of Accelerator, Nicolas Cantu:

At a time when the President and the Government want to make Paris, the capital of the ICOs, Chain Accelerator is positioning itself as a key player.

He believes that the Chain Accelerator is going to be a so-called incubator for ICO projects. It will help them out with conducting ICOs, raising funds, doing marketing, developing the technical part, coming up with new concepts and technologies.

Bringing a big amount of talented and experienced developers together and also involving such giants as SWIFT and Ledger will turn Paris into an ICO-capital.

After 6 months of trial period, the accelerator is currently cooperating with 13 blockchain-based projects.

We would like to remind you that France is gradually following the example of the US with creating a regulatory framework for cryptocurrency. The French stock market regulator AMF has recently blocked 15 scam cryptocurrency projects.

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