Foxbit Cryptocurrency Exchange Lost 30 BTC due to the System Bug

An extraordinary incident occurred at the Brazilian stock exchange, Foxbit,after the discovery of which the service stopped operating for more than 72 hours.The problem was that because of the technical bug, users had the opportunity to duplicate the money withdrawal. Thus, the exchange lost 30 BTC.

According to the CEO of Foxbit, João Canhada, some data were damaged or even lost during the technical work on the service, nevertheless the technical error has already been fixed and the exchange functions in the usual mode.

“All funds are protected, both in reais and in bitcoins. Several clients have already returned duplicate values and we are in touch with everyone. We have a specific fund to cover possible losses and the funds in reais are safe in our bank accounts. The platform was neither hacked nor stolen. “ — Canhada said.

There is still no accurate information on the amount of cryptocurrency that was returned to the treasury of the exchange, but representatives of the platform reassured their users with the message that this incident has not affected the exchange to a large extent and its working functions have already been restored.

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