Former Siri CEO Leaves Apple and Moves to Microsoft

Former Siri CEO Leaves Apple and Moves to Microsoft

Bill Stasior, former head of Apple Siri, leaves the company after seven years of work to join the artificial intelligence department of Microsoft. Although Stasior left Apple back in May this year, his decision to join Microsoft as corporate vice president was announced only recently.

Last year, Apple lured John Giannandrea, who was the head of a search and AI at Google. This has changed the way Apple works on AI. Joining Giannandrea essentially meant Apple recognizing that Siri wasn’t working the way they would have liked. Although Siri was announced back in 2011, it is significantly inferior to younger products from Amazon and Google.

Interestingly, Stasior joins Microsoft, which, despite a strong research unit, also lags far behind Amazon and Google in consumer AI projects. However, The Information reports that Stasior will not work on Cortana’s virtual assistant. Instead, he will lead the group working on AI, although it is not yet clear what exactly he will work on.

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