Ford Introduced a Prototype of a Supermarket Trolley With the Braking System

According to Ford employees, vehicle technology can be useful not only on the roads but also while shopping. The company has invented a high-tech trolley equipped with pedestrian detection and automatic braking system, due to which the probability of collision with other objects is reduced significantly.

In their new invention, the developers used the Ford Pre-Collision Assist technology, which is already well-known in the automobile space, it is designed to protect against collisions with pedestrians.

Cars with the support of this technology are equipped with a camera in the windshield area and a special radar mounted in the bumper. In the shopping carts, a special sensor is used that scans the space and identifies people and objects.

These carts can be used not only in sales areas and shopping spaces but also in laboratories, medical institutions, manufacturing plants, as well as in the sphere of public catering.

Currently, only a prototype has been developed under the Ford Interventions initiative. The invention itself is aimed at showing society how vehicle technology can change everyday life.

Ford is not the only company attempting to automate everyday life. At the beginning of 2018, Nissan has already introduced house slippers with integrated automatic parking technology, created specifically for the Japanese hotel Ryokan, and capable of “self-parking” at the front door, in case they are left out of place.

And Timekettle introduced to the world headphones that provide almost instant translation from 20 languages. So, the interlocutors can keep up the conversation, despite the fact that they communicate in different languages literally.

Thus, innovations have penetrated into all areas of human life and made a revolution in work, study, and spare time. Not so long ago, many of us did not know how to use a desktop computer, and today we no longer imagine life without automation, which simplifies our existence and frees us from many responsibilities, saving our time and effort.

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