Forbes: Apple Tops the List of the Most Valuable Brands in the World

For 9 years, Apple has been a leader in the value of its brand. According to the Forbes annual ranking, the aggregate market capitalization of the first hundred of 2019 is $3.39 trillion, showing an 8% increase compared with last year.

American, German, French, and Japanese companies dominated the ranking.

Once again, Apple ($205.5 billion) was at the top of the rating, registering a 12% increase.

Despite not quite a good year for the iPhone, the company managed to outperform its competitors, including Huawei, which is in 97th place with a value of $8 billion.

The search giant Google takes second place with $167.7 billion.

The creation of Bill Gates, Microsoft, is located in the third position – $125.3 billion.

Following the computer giant, followed by Jeff Bezos’ online retailer Amazon worth $97 billion.

Social network Facebook, ranked fifth. Due to constant scandals, and growing antipathy towards the brand, its value fell by 6% to $88.9 billion.

The top ten also included Coca-Cola, Samsung, Disney, Toyota and McDonald’s.

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