Famous Russian Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Specialist Kidnapped in Ukraine

On Tuesday, December 26th a blockchain and IT-expert, analyst at EXMO LLP Pavel Lerner was kidnapped in Kyiv.

Lerner stopped responding to phone calls around midday and later in the evening someone from his entourage went to the local police.

According to the announcement, Lerner was kidnapped not far from his office. The programmer was dragged into a Mercedes-Benz Vito car by unknown people in dark clothes and balaclavas, and taken away in an unknown direction.

In Ukraine Pavel Lerner has a number of startups connected with cryptocurrency mining and blockchain technology.

EXMO PR-department says:

“The problem that we face today really exists. We do our best to find Pavel Lerner as soon as possible. The company will be very grateful for any information that would help find Pavel. However, despite everything that has happened, EXMO platform works as usual. It is also worth noting that Pavel`s duties were not connected with access to storages or other user information”.


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