Facebook Will Soon Issue Its Own Cryptocurrency

According to the American television channel Cheddar, the plans of the global company Facebook include the release of its own digital coin.

Based on this information, the main purpose of the cryptocurrency will be its use as a means of purchasing goods and services within the platform.

“I’m told that payments specifically is a very serious avenue that they want to look into for blockchain,” said Alex Heath, the journalist of Cheddar.

The development of this idea has already been started by the Facebook vice president David Marcus, who previously served as the president of PayPal. At the moment he is the head of a new division of Facebook, which is engaged in the development and implementation of solutions for blockchain technology inside the company.

At the same time, Marcus made a statement this February that Facebook would not have any affairs with the system of payments in cryptocurrency, at least in the nearest future. The reason for this statement was the unstable state of cryptocurrencies, as well as the problems that caused many of its users to suffer and high commissions for carrying out transactions that had a low speed.

We remind you that previously a venture capital investor of the sector and the former CEO of Facebook Chamath Palihapitiya disagreed with the opinion of Warren Buffett regarding the world’s first cryptocurrency.

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