Facebook Removed Hundreds of Fake Accounts

Yesterday, representatives of the largest social network Facebook announced on their official blog that they had purged Facebook accounts. They deleted more than 2,630 groups, pages, and accounts which were registered in both Facebook and Instagram. These pages spread fakes and sent spam. The overwhelming majority of these accounts were associated with the Russian Federation – 1907 units. As they wrote on Facebook, these accounts were engaged in “coordinated inauthentic behavior”. It should be noted that more than 1.7 million followers were subscribed to these groups in total.

A small percentage of these pages spread information related to the sad events that are happening in Ukraine now: the military conflict in the east, the situation in the annexed Crimea, local politics, the upcoming presidential elections, etc. Other removed accounts spread information connected with Kosovo, Iran, and Macedonia.

Facebook experts point out that they did not find coordinated actions between these pages, but they all worked according to the same principle – they misled social network users.

We want to remind you:

Facebook Employees had Access to Pages of Millions Users

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