Facebook is Working on Its Own News Service

Facebook is Working on Its Own News Service

Facebook is hiring a small team of journalists to work on its new section of the News Tab, which will begin work later this year. Although most of the articles on the News tab will be created using AI, a team of 10 journalists will publish the main news every day. The news tab will be separated from the main Facebook channel.

Facebook has long been thinking about how to deliver relevant news to its users promptly. The fact is that the previous section of “Trending Topics” at best showed stories that were already irrelevant, and sometimes even had nothing to do with the topic under discussion.

Now everything should be different, firstly, Facebook will hire full-time employees, and not rely on contractors, also the company announced that they are ready to pay millions of dollars to selected publishers to publish their news. The new tab will be located outside the news feed, the main column of user-generated content on Facebook.

According to rumors, the tab “News” will begin to test in the US in October this year.

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