Exchange Your Digital Assets and Invest Into Creative Ideas Together with SIMEX

The financial world is developing rapidly, it is digitizing and exploring the possibilities of new cutting-edge technologies. The companies and businesses in the industry have to adapt to all the changes and innovations in order to stay afloat. Those who fail to do so are driven off the market. However, the enterprises that welcome upgrades and move with the times of brand new technologies prosper, expand and cater to the needs of their customers much better.

Right now, cryptocurrencies and blockchain are somehow being applied in many fields, for example fintech, supply chains, cross border payments, healthcare and many others. Today we will introduce a project that was smart enough to get in the groove of blockchain and crypto and keep developing in that direction.

What is SIMEX and how did it develop?

SIMEX is a multifunctional crypto platform that provides its customers with a range of services from investment to exchanging digital assets. It serves as a bridge between conventional financial universe and the crypto industry. The project started out in 2014, back then it was mainly a crowdfunding investment platform meant to unite investors and companies in one place, basically bring the investment flow to the valuable and creative ideas.

Later on, SIMEX developed in the field of digital technologies and added a new feature which helps users to create their own ERC-20 smart contracts and use them for their own purposes with ability to withdraw them instantly and use for a business or personal need while the initial crowdfunding on blockchain option is also available and enhanced with detailed project creation, team adding, token issuance, ease to launch bounty programs, subsequent listing on SIMEX  and much more. Simply speaking, any person could launch their own project within the platform and issue tokens for it, and it didn’t even require any advance IT knowledge. In 2018, SIMEX released their own tokens which could be exchanged into preferred shares of the company. Lastly, since recently, the project offers exchange services to increase liquidity in multiple economic fields.

Advantages of SIMEX

  • low commission fees;
  • P2P transfers within the platform between users;
  • SIMEX messenger that enables internal communication;;
  • the ability to create, buy and sell tokens as well as to investment into a company or startup of your choice;
  • secondary market;
  • the affiliate program of SIMEX allows its customers to earn money, both crypto and fiat, without even investing or conducting any kinds of transactions;
  • the inbuilt coin aggregator will inform about the most profitable market deals;
  • all of the transaction within the platform are protected technologically and legally;
  • a brand new SIMEX feature lets you purchase shares of major public companies like Google, Apple, etc., without having a brokerage account.

For more details about SIMEX multifunctional crypto trading platform, please, visit the official website.

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