Every Third South Korean Employee Invests In Cryptocurrency

According to the survey made by a south korean online employment portal, 31.3% of 941 employees invest in cryptocurrencies.

5.66 million South Korean won ($5300) is an average amount of investments. Among those employees who invest in digital currencies:

  • 44.1% invested less than 1 million won,
  • 18.3% – 1-2 million won,
  • 9.8% – 2-4 million won,
  • 7.8% – 4-6 million won,
  • 12.9% – more than 10 million won.

54.2% of respondents make crypto investments because they expect quick return, and 47.8% said that it was just easy for them as they made small investments.

As for the profit, then:

  • around 80.3% told that they managed to gain profit out of their cryptocurrency investments;
  • 13.2% said they have not suffered losses;
  • 6.4% lost their money.
  • 20% of those whose investments were successful gained 10% profit, and 19.4% of investors received 100% benefit.

South Korea has a 20% share of world bitcoin trade market. This country is one of the most active cryptocurrency traders. Experts state that more than 2 million South Korean citizens own bitcoin and other digital currencies. South Korean government takes urgent steps to regulate cryptocurrency market as such a substantial interest towards this economy branch makes authorities worry.


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