EOS Has Completed Its ICO with a Record of $4 Billion

ICO bike

The longest and most expensive ICO in the history of the cryptocurrency industry has come to an end. This was reported by representatives of the very ICO project EOS, which is regarded as the most rival competitor of the platform Ethereum. Simultaneously with the end of the 350th round of the token sale, the first version of the full EOSIO v1.0 wallet was launched.

The most powerful infrastructure for decentralized EOS applications was founded in 2017. A team of developers was working on its creation, the process was controlled by Dan Larimer, the creator of such well-known projects as the Bitshares cryptocurrency asset platform and the social network Steemit.

As well as Ethereum, EOS is the platform which will be the basis for decentralized applications (DApps). It should be noted that EOS is the main competitor of Ethereum, because the new platform took the miscalculations in the work of its predecessor into account. It is planned that DPoS will be integrated in the EOS, and the issued coins will have a limit of 1 billion. Developers guarantee that the environment will be protected by smart contracts and linked to the blockchain; the management will be carried out within the framework of Dapp. Developers will be able to use advanced and improved functionality inside the new platform.

It is not excluded that the EOS will face a lot of difficulties after the official launch, however, all projects do. We remind you that information about the vulnerabilities of EOS appeared earlier, which was quickly refuted by developers. Most likely, this was a deliberate manipulation aimed at reducing the value at the eve of such an important event as launching its own blockchain technology.

900 million tokens were purchased out of a billion possible during the ICO of EOS. 100 million were left for developers to improve the platform. At the time of writing, the cost of the EOS token was $12 per one coin. EOS still owns the fifth place in terms of capitalization among all cryptocurrencies.

The token balance will be fixed at 22:00 pm UTC on the 2nd of June. After this procedure, tokens that were not registered on the platform will be destroyed, and their holders will lose the opportunity to have coins on the new blockchain. To prevent this from happening, you need to register as soon as possible. It is planned that cryptocurrency exchanges, carrying out trading with EOS tokens, will be registered in a centralized mode and will independently transfer the coins to their users’ accounts.

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