EOS Core Arbitration Forum Blocked 27 Cryptocurrency Wallets

eos wallet

The blockchain of EOS is currently discussed even more that Ethereum’s. Not only was its launch delayed and frozen, it also experienced problems after it officially went live. Now, after about a week of operating, the mainnet once again receives a wave of criticism.

The special committee founded by the founders of EOS called Core Arbitration Forum which was created to address and solve the issues with the blockchain released an order for the EOS block generators. The order stated that the transactions with 27 digital wallets should be stopped.


The main reason for the EOS users and just interested people to get angry is the absence of any clear explanations of the sudden blocking. Some experts see a tendency in the fact that EOS keeps having problems with its mainnet.

Others believe that EOS does not have the right to be called a decentralized network, since different bodies created to observe it have too much control and remind a real government.

However, there were people who supported EOS. According to them, the frozen 27 wallets were most likely dangerous and involved in some suspicious activity.

Right now everybody is waiting for the official response from the EOS management. As always, we will be monitoring the situation with the mainnet of EOS and reporting about any changes or major events in its operating.

We would like to remind you that EOS became the first digital coin in the Chinese cryptocurrency rating.

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