EOS Became the First in the Chinese Cryptocurrency Rating Shifting Ethereum

eos china

After multiple failures, there is finally some good news for EOS. It became the leading coin in the ranking created by China Electronic Information Industry Development. The specialists did a thorough research and analyzed 28 digital coins. It is the second time that this rating is published.

The list of the rating’s best 5 cryptocurrencies now looks like this:

1. EOS
2. Ethereum
3. NEO
4. Stellar
5. Lisk

There were three major characteristics that were taken into account when creating the rating: technology, application and innovativeness. The ratings according to the category are the following:

  • Technology: EOS, Steem, Ethereum, BitShares, Stellar
  • Application: NEO, Ethereum, Qtum, Stellar, Nebulas
  • Innovativeness: EOS, Bitcoin, Cardano, Ethereum, Litecoin

As a result, EOS won the race and even managed to shift the mighty Ethereum which actually took the first place last year. Bitcoin also lost its continuous leadership, this time it is only the 17th, though last year it was 4 places higher.

Although the Chinese government has one of the strictest attitudes towards cryptocurrencies, this rating is a big step in the direction of acceptance of digital coins in this country.

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