Engineer Created a Gel-Spray Protection from Forest Fire

Scientists have created a gel with high fire resistance, it is for spraying in forest areas and construction sites.

Messages on social networks informed that Stanford University engineers have found a way to prevent forest fires. They created a fire-resistant gel that covers plants with a thin film, this helps to protect from fire throughout the season. If after careful testing they prove gel`s safety, then it can protect many regions from seasonal fires.

The main reason for forest fires is dry weather and human activities. However, none of the previously invented fire retardants worked long and good enough, some of them were harmful to plants or animals.

The new gel is made from non-toxic substances used in the agricultural and food industries: silicon and cellulose with the addition of a flame retardant carrier. The new recipe gel keeps on the plants for several months. It can be sprayed in forests or to be used to prepare building materials or construction before the fire season.

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