Elon Musk Is Planning to Launch 60 Satellites at Once onto the Orbit

Elon Musk does not only sell expensive fancy cars. He also has a plan of how to make this world a better place. One of Musk’s most ambitious plans is creating a powerful high-speed Internet system that will be available in every corner of our planet absolutely free of charge. The name of the project is Starlink.

If this initiative does come true, it will be significantly increase the standard of living for all the people, but it requires a lot of money and effort. According to the estimates of SpaceX, around 12 thousand satellites located on the Earth’s orbit will be enough for implementing the project.

Having considered the situation, Elon Musk and other executives came to the conclusion that sending one satellite in one flight is not cost- or time-efficient, thus, he decided to load the rocket carrier Falcon 9 with a batch of satellites.

The first flight will include 60 items. This was reported by Musk on Twitter. All the preparations and checks have been finished, the launch is scheduled for tomorrow, May 15.

We remind you that recently the rocket Falcon 9 has successfully carried two satellites and a moon lander onto the orbit of the Earth and returned back intact.

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