Elon Musk Asks Followers on Twitter to Help Sell Megapack

Elon Musk Asks Followers on Twitter to Help Sell Megapack

Elon Musk applied to his 28 millionth army of subscribers on Twitter with a request to help him sell the company’s latest industrial battery – Megapack.

Recall that Tesla introduced the Megapack system at the end of last month. The solution is an easy-to-install battery the size of a transport container and a capacity of 3 Mwh, which comes with a 1.5 MW inverter, a cooling system, and a load redistribution program.

After a series of climate change posts on Twitter, Elon Musk called on interested parties to consider acquiring Megapack as it is “better for the environment & usually lower cost than fossil fuel peaker plants!”.

Moreover, Musk even urged his readers to contact local authorities to tell them about the new brainchild of Tesla.

It seems that the head of the company really wants Megapack to replace the smaller and less efficient fossil fuel power plants, which are used when the grid requires a lot more energy than usual, which leads to an increase in the cost of electricity during such peaks.

The decision to appeal to subscribers is a rather controversial advertising move, but given that this is Elon Musk, this may work.

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