Electrum Wallet has Undergone a New Attack: Losses are Estimated in Millions of Dollars

A team of a popular Bitcoin wallet Electrum reported an attack on its servers, calling on the users to take additional security measures for keeping personal funds.

The information was quickly spread in the network. After a few requests, it became known that the attacker was using a complex phishing scheme.

Electrum servers are under DDoS by a large botnet. Do not get scammed downloading some alternative version! from Bitcoin

Apparently, the bots run their own Electrum servers. When a user synchronized his wallet with one of such servers, he received a message with instructions about how to update a wallet to a newer version which was programmed to send users’ personal data directly to hackers.

“The botnet has a range of 150-300k unique IPs hammering all servers on the application level”.

The Next Web publication quotes an anonymous cybersecurity expert who claims that the attack has been lasting for a week. Also, according to him, the damage amounts in several million dollars.

The team asks all customers to make sure that they are using only official site BashCo.

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