Edward Snowden Provided Secret Documents Proving the NSA’s Spying on the Users

Citing secret documents received from Edward Snowden, The Intercept reports that the monitoring of Bitcoin’s blockchain and user identification of this distributed network have become the main tasks of the US National Security Agency. The structure actively analyzes global Internet traffic and masking software to fight with the anonymity of users.

Judging by one of the Agency’s documents, it collects private information from users, including passwords, Internet activity logs and device IDs.

The publication reports that the agency has been monitoring the Internet activity of bitcoin users since 2013 under the code-named program OAKSTAR.

It also follows from the documents that in order to obtain data from Bitcoin users, the NSA uses the XKeyScore system which is a powerful international infrastructure for monitoring the Internet. It became first known in 2013, when Snowden published classified documents of the NSA.

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