Disney + will Support Four Simultaneous Streams in 4K

Disney + will Support Four Simultaneous Streams in 4K

The Disney + service will be launched on November 12 and will support four streams in 4K resolution at the same time at a price of $6.99 per month. Subscribers will also be able to create up to seven profiles on one account.

These conditions make Disney’s new service a strong competitor for Netflix, which raised prices earlier this year and set stricter restrictions on simultaneous streams. Netflix now costs $9 a month for a standard definition plan with only one stream available. If you want FullHD streaming, you need to pay $13 per month, and this gives you two simultaneous streams. 4K and four simultaneous streams cost $16 a month.

Disney promised a number of other enticing benefits to their new service, including many other Star Wars series, the seventh season of The Clone Wars, and exclusivity for a number of future high-profile films.

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