Dash Core Group Will Patent the Release of Platform Evolution

The Dash Core Group, which includes a payment p2p platform and Dash cryptocurrency, filed a preliminary patent application for a solution related to the upcoming release of the Evolution platform.

According to CoinJournal, the decision to file an application was made for protection purposes, and the solution will be available as a free license in accordance with the terms of the corresponding licensing policy of the Dash Core Group.

“Similar to how Tesla has ‘open sourced’ their electric automotive tech patents, we felt that it was worth applying for a minimal level of protection for our patent. Utilizing a set of licensing criteria similar to Tesla’s ‘Good Faith’ clause with its open patents, we can now freely license the patent to the public, while ensuring that no one co-opts the technology for use that contradicts the Dash network’s long-term goals of mass adoption,” Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor told CoinJournal.

Back in 2014 the CEO of Tesla Elon Musk said that the company will not have legal claims to other companies that use their patents, if they act in good faith, in order to give impetus to the development of the electric vehicle industry.

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