CryptoCup Will Launch a Platform on Blockchain for the World Cup

The CryptoCup blockchain-totalizator went to an innovative experiment, which is connected with the World Cup. As you know, international competitions are held 4 times a year. Now a time-limited event for fans and users of cryptocurrency will be conducted inside the platform. The first game is waiting for fans already on the 21st of May 21.

The sale of tokens for the football event will be held only during the World Cup. Tokens can be cashed on the 23rd of July. At this time, those who made bets can win.

This form of games will have some risks, which will provoke the cost of the tokens, which will grow at the end of each match. However, those who know how to independently analyze football matches can be have luck on their side.

The implementation of the plan will be carried out on the blockchain Ethereum. Geg Colvin, the organizer of Ethereum Magicians and the developer of Ethereum Virtual Machine, and Coinfabrik, the creators of the Jaxx and RSK wallets are project advisers. A full audit of smart contracts has already been carried out and partners have been found.

Platform tokens will differ from all the familiar ones. They will be unique and indivisible, which was achieved using the standard ERC-721. Tokens will play the role of electronic tickets inside the platform, which are necessary for users to predict the results of the championship matches. An equally important characteristic of the new tokens is that they can not be faked or abducted. However, the developers did not get rid of the sale procedure.

At the end of the matches, the platform participants will receive a reward in the form of bonuses for the correct prediction of the results. The size of the reward will be determined at the end of the championship. The system of calculating tokens is rather complicated. A significant number of points can be obtained for correct predictions of the winner of the match and the final score. Also bonuses are awarded for correct guesses of number of yellow cards during the match.

It is quite simple to participate in this event. You just need to buy a token and fill it in; it is an e-ticket of a kind. Representatives of CryptoCup noted that the value of the token will be 0.045 ETH in the first week of sales. After that, the token will grow in price.

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