Crypto Will Hardly Ever Sponsor Terrorist Attacks Like 9/11

crypto will not sponsor terrorism

This day, the 11th of September, will always be carved into the memory of people all over the world due to the horrendous unspeakable events that happened 17 years ago. In order for us to never experience this again, we need to watch over anything that could potentially become a boost for terrorist activities.

According to Forbes, there have been multiple attempts coming from terrorist organizations to collect crypto funds, however, none of them were successful. For example, an extremist group Mujahideen Shura Council only managed to raise a bit less than $500 in crypto during their campaign in 2016, and the money came just from 2 people.

The experts believe that digital coins will most likely be absolutely unsuitable for terrorist due to the 2 main factors:

  • fiat money is more anonymous and harder to trace
  • most of the terrorist organizations are located in the places where the technologies are not developed enough to conduct crypto transactions.

Although cryptocurrencies might have sponsored some illegal activities, but initially they were created for good purposes. Hopefully digital coins will never be used to pay for such disgusting thing as terrorism.  

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