Chinese Space Station Tiangong-2 Burned in The Atmosphere

Chinese Space Station Tiangong-2 Burned in The Atmosphere

As it became known, the Chinese space station Tiangong-2 officially ended its mission, it broke down at 9:00 am Eastern time and burned down in the upper atmosphere. Tiangong-2 descended over the South Pacific, but, as planned, it could not reach the surface of the Earth. Note that the station weighed about 9 tons, which is considered a small space object, especially when compared to the International Space Station (ISS), which weighs 417.3 tons.


The Tiangong-2 space station spent about 1000 days in space and even exceeded its planned lifespan. The launch of Tiangong-3, which will continue the work of its two predecessors, is expected soon. These stations are used by Chinese scientists to test key technologies and government developments.

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