Chinese Customers Supports Huawei Despite The U.S. Ban On Android

As we all know, the U.S. government has included Huawei in the blacklist, so the company is no longer allowed to use Google products, in particular, the Android operating system. The CEO of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei, stated that such restrictions would not harm the company. Chinese customers, in their turn, decided to support the domestic company by posting social media posts on Weibo and Douyin.

According to the What’s On Weibos report, Chinese users wished to continue purchasing Huawei’s next models, even without Android. Two hashtags campaigns, “Huawei Doesn’t Need to Rely on America for its Microchips” (#华为芯片可以不依赖美国供应链#) and “Huawei’s Self-Developed Operating System Hong Meng” (#华为自研操作系统鸿蒙#), have overrun by Weibo. The posts content mainly includes cheer on Huawei and highlights of developing a new own mobile operating system for its phones.

We remind you that this week, one of the biggest Chinese tech giant, Huawei, has been blacklisted by the U.S. government since the superstate is afraid that Huawei can ‘undermine US national security or foreign policy interests’.

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