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Check Out These Brand New Google Docs Features | The Coin Shark

Check Out These Brand New Google Docs Features

We started our day on a sad note, having announced the exclusion of IPhone 5s from the new iOS 13 support. Read more here:

The New iOS 13 Has Been Announced: IPhone 5s Will No Longer Be Supported

This time we will speak about upgrades that will be available on all devices – the two newly-added features in Google Docs. Google Docs is, undoubtedly, one of the handiest services for creating and editing text documents, presentations, tables and slideshows, which is widely used for various purposes, including work, studies and entertainment.

The first feature we are going to talk about is customized margin settings, Tech Juice reports. Before that, users could only set right and left margins for the whole document, but now there is an option to set different margins for specific sections of the text.

Secondly, Google Docs is going to have an “Insert Break” feature which will help users to put breaks between the sections of text in their document, thus, making it more presentable and readable. Moreover, there will be a choice of break types, for instance, continuous, next page, even/odd page etc.  

The new features of Google Docs that will be available within the next month are coming hard for its main competitor, Microsoft Word, and might soon outrun it.

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