Brad Garlinghouse: Madonna Was Not Paid to Support Ripple

ripple is not paying madonna to support the project

The project Ripple has recently been quite active in terms of partnerships and collaborations. Besides crypto-related businesses, it has also involved a couple of high-rank celebrities to promote the company and its XRP token.

We remind you that one of such celebrities was a popular singer Madonna. The pop star has been running a charity campaign to help out African children for a couple of years, and Ripple joined her in this noble endeavour.

Nevertheless, some people in the crypto community are skeptical about all these famous people genuinely supporting Ripple. For example, Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO, has been asked during a conference a direct question whether Ripple paid the celebrities, Madonna in particular, to advertise the company.

Garlinghouse assured that the only reason Ripple supported Madonna’s charity program was its good cause.

Ripple has been very proactive as a company. Both its leadership team as well as the company in being philanthropic,” he said.

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