Is Boosteroid a Reasonable Investment?

Today people are getting more and more interested in digital currencies. Literally every day there’s at least one ICO-”newcomer” that tries to attract investments by running its token sale. Although there are a lot of different ICOs, it is not that easy to find a project that worth your time and money. Experienced investors always study all aspects of a particular startup to see its hidden dangers and spot a possible scam. Today we will have a close look at a new startup trying to take on the cloud services market – an ambitious project called Boosteroid.


A good whitepaper is very significant for an ICO project and that is what investors look at first of all. In other words the quality of the document is a crucial aspect that affect the results of the crowdfunding.

Boosteroid has a rather informative whitepaper, where it is possible to find information both about main goals and a technical aspects of the project. A lot of information is provided about project digital currency – BTR token, implementation stages and team members with active Linkedin profiles.

The main idea of the project is actually to make computing power affordable. Our devices often have lack of performance and are not able to face modern challenges of the rapid technological development. Cloud supercomputer can be a perfect solution.

“Thanks to our own unique software architecture and minimal electricity expenses, our users will have an opportunity to use Boosteroid computing power at the lowest pricе”, – this is how Boosteroid founder defines advantages of the project as compared to their competitors.

By the way recently the team has agreed upon locating Boosteroid computing facilities in Georgia. The parties have already reached an agreement that Boosteroid will be connected to the local power grid. The country has low electricity costs and a possibility to develop computing facilities in Georgia is an important step in Boosteroid implementation.

Technical aspects

It is absolutely not enough to know the goals of a project. Investors want to be sure that it will be implemented and how is it going to develop. Boosteroid aims to compete with such market behemoth as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google. However the team first of all thinks about their clients but not rivals.

Boosteroid developers promise users brand new hardware such as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphic cards; Intel Xeon E5 2680v4 processors; RAM 256Gb. So this will be a rather powerful PC that will allow users to carry out a number of tasks – from creating 3D-graphics to playing high-performance computer games.

Software part of the project will includes an open source platform that provides a number of cloud services such as computing, data storages, databases and much more.

By the way Boosteroid has already announced its demo. It will be possible to test the service in the end of November.

Profit for the investors

This is probably the most important thing as nobody wants to support a project without any return. Here is the profit that Boosteroid guarantees to its investors:

1. Sell BTR tokens

Initial BTR price was only $0,48 during the 1st ICO stage that started on October 23rd. The token will cost up to $2,78 after the 3rd ICO stage. Considering current market tendencies, specialists expect BTR to cost 6$ in mid-2018.

Investors will also be able to trade BTR on the exchange and gain other digital currencies or fiat money.

2. Rent computing power

Investors will be able to rent Boosteroid computing power with BTR tokens at a better price when the service is launched.

“After our service is launched we’ll start purchasing tokens via our exchange service for fiat money paid by users who rent Boosteroid computing power. Considering a large number of users and a limited number of released tokens, BTR exchange rate will increase and investors will get maximum profit”, – says Boosteroid CEO Ivan Shvaichenko.


Sometimes ICO can look like a real casino – you never know whether you hit the jackpot or lose your money. But that does not mean that it is better to stay away from the ICO at all. If you analyse a particular project, think over its advantages and possible risks you can gain profit.

Currently Boosteroid developers are getting ready for the second ICO stage that starts on November 27th and will continue until December 11th, 2017. According to whitepaper, the team wants to sell 300 million BTR and use these investments for scaling their computing facilities.

The next 400 million BTR tokens will be available during the 3rd ICO stage from January 15th to February 15th, 2018.


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